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How We Work

How we work is defined by where we work. Our 56,000-square foot plant, conveniently located outside of Chicago, is built for quality and efficiency.

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  • Welcome

    Specializing in tight-tolerance precision parts for the medical and electronics industries, we’re here to make sure you get what you need.

    • On-site leadership attentive to all aspects of daily operations
    • Sub-floor utilities for optimal plant cleanliness, safety and productivity
    • High-volume, 24/7 productivity
    • Member of Manufacturer’s Association of Plastics Processors (MAPP)
    • Utilizing IQMS as Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • Engineering

    From concept through production, our in-house engineering staff exemplify our daily commitment to quality.

    • Overseeing every detail of manufacturing processes and systems
    • Making sure parts are molded exactly as you want, down to .001 inch
    • Implementing advanced quality planning
  • Raw Materials

    Our strict materials management and quality assurance processes ensure material purity throughout production.

    • Using the best materials to produce top-quality parts
    • Experienced in a wide variety of engineered resins
    • Matching your requirements for strength, function, color and durability
  • Manufacturing

    As experts in high-volume injection molding, we implement lean manufacturing techniques and deliver the durability, strength, design flexibility, and reduced assembly costs that you expect.

    • More than 30 state-of-the-art machines and ISO Class 8/100,000 clean room
    • High-speed, high-volume molding
    • Insert Molding
    • Tight Tolerance Molding
    • Medical Device Molding
    • In-Mold Labeling
    • Value-Added and Secondary Operations
    • 2-Shot Over Molding
    • Clean Room Injection Molding
    • Full Service In-House Tool Room and Support
    • Real-time, fully automated production analysis
    • Advanced statistical process controls
    • Continuously updating and investing in equipment and technology
    • Ensuring technical precision in every part
  • Tooling

    Our fully staffed tool shop and intricate tooling capabilities make your mold investment last.

    • Fully equipped tool room, including high-speed CNC equipment
    • Several of our molds have successfully run 16 million cycles and counting
    • Producing over 1.5 billion parts – and counting – from some molds
    • Establishing tooling tolerances to 0.0001 inch
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

    Most companies of D&M’s size have an external defect rate of 1038 PPM*. Among the best companies, the rate is 179 PPM. Our external defect rate is an astoundingly low 17 PPM. That’s no fluke – quality is our highest priority.

    • Proudly implementing the industry standards in quality assurance tools, quality control processes and continuous quality improvement measures
    • Strict adherence to industry quality inspection tools and protocols
    • ISO certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
    • Awarded GM Platinum Supplier Status for three consecutive years, and we’re still going.
  • Delivery / Shipping

    We’re so committed to getting your parts to you that if ever we miss a shipping commitment, expediting fees are on us.

    • Honoring your production schedules
    • Over 96% on-time delivery record
    • Conveniently located near Chicago for fast shipping to anywhere in the world