Precision is paramount.

In an industry as exacting as the production of medical devices, demand for perfection is high. From lancets to housings – meeting and exceeding rigorous medical production standards is imperative. In fact, lives depend on it.

In 1993, D&M became the first U.S. ISO-certified full-service turnkey custom injection molder. Currently, in addition to ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, D&M holds certifications in manufacturing of medical devices, including ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system. Since 2000, D&M has produced 6.25 billion parts for the medical industry and shipped more than 2 billion medical devices.

D&M specializes in tight-tolerance precision parts, with a long-standing external defect rate of 17-PPM that is 60-times better than the industry average.

We work with customers at the concept stage of production by offering them an innovative and sophisticated medical manufacturing solution that is highly-engineered, and based on the most stringent guidelines.

— Chip Owen, President, D&M Plastics

In the quality lab, D&M’s sophisticated measurement system, accurate to 50 millionths of an inch, meets the strictest specifications. Co-bots and robots improve production times to minimize costs, and our clean room can be modified to suit even the most complex assembly needs.

D&M works with some of the largest medical suppliers around the world to produce life-saving, carefully crafted technologies used by most everyone from hospitals to home health care workers. Our customers trust us to deliver.

Let D&M help you with your next project.

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