Driven to lead.

From the Model T to electric, change is constant in the Automotive Industry. Having a strong team that understands the mercurial complexities and can adapt quickly to those needs is critical to success.

Design-driven, stringent safety standards coupled with a focus on keeping costs low makes D&M the best partner for your automotive manufacturing needs.

As a Level 3 PPAP approved manufacturer, Our drive for innovation, with a solid footing in pragmatism, has helped D&M double in size while investing in new technologies for tomorrow’s manufacturing challenges.

Our emphasis on supplying most tiers to the automotive industry necessitates the forethought to anticipate needs, and change forecasts, based on global economies.”

– Pete Maggos, Sales & Marketing Leader

We provide sophisticated, specialty production capabilities and materials in-house to give our customers the best advantages for keeping production on schedule and within budget. Fire-retardant high-strength materials for covers and cages, multi-shot molding for complex parts, in-mold labeling for caps, plus other levels of service allow us to reduce time and minimize costs.

Production work and maintenance programs are also all in-house, providing a reliable, single-source advantage from design and housing the tools, through inventory and shipping.

Let D&M help you with your next project.

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