As an industry leader in custom injection molding for over 40 years, we take pride in our reputation of delivering exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • What Drives Us

    We know you depend on superior quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing to meet your production goals and outcomes. You can count on us.

    Trusted Experience

    • 275+ combined years of injection molding experience among our manufacturing team members
    • First ISO-certified custom injection molder in the U.S. in 1993
    • Founded in 1972 — privately held and actively managed

    Dedication to Quality

    • Company-wide focus on highest standards of quality and continuous improvement
    • Daily quality meetings with every employee
    • All quality employees are active members of American Society for Quality (ASQ)

    Stellar Safety Record

    • Achieved 900 consecutive days without a lost-time accident as of September 15th 2017
    • Safety procedures protect employees and ensure on-time delivery
    • Rigorous attention to production systems and outputs throughout each day

    Robust Capital Position

    • Financially solid
    • Ready access to capital
    • Actively investing in new equipment and technology

    Who We Are

  • Exceptional Team

    Chip Owen

    Chip Owen


    As President of D&M Plastics, Chip Owen embodies corporate vision, engaged leadership, financial acumen and management expertise acquired over 20 years in plastics, real estate, sales, and investments. His cross-industry knowledge and breadth of experience undergird his talent in building teams, leading business growth and delivering results.

    marty tremonti

    Marti Tremonti

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Chief Operating Officer, Martin Tremonti brings nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing operations to the D&M team. Tremonti has worked both nationally and internationally and has a proven track record of success in building strong teams and efficient processes that impact business growth while utilizing lean initiatives that drive key metrics for D&M and its customers.

    Mary lake

    Mary Lake

    Shipping & material Leader

    With over 40 years of plastics experience and over 30 years with D&M, Mary Lake excels in anticipating and meeting customers’ needs. As Materials Leader, she handles product sourcing and purchasing, develops projections and inventory planning, and supports customers with complete plans and follow-through.

    Jim Woodburn

    Jim Woodburn

    Engineering Leader

    As Engineering Leader, Jim Woodburn specializes in creative solutions for injection molded parts and assemblies. His career spans over 30 years in plastics. At D&M he applies his extensive engineering and design experience to devise functionality and manufacturability solutions, ranging from color matching to masking features to many other innovative techniques for meeting unique design specifications.

    Pete Maggos

    Pete Maggos

    Sales & Marketing Leader

    With nearly two decades of manufacturing experience, Pete Maggos is well prepared to deal with the constant change that is present in the recently reinvigorated manufacturing industry. As the company’s Sales & Marketing Leader, he drives the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and is responsible for all sales and marketing, helping D&M’s customers find solutions to complex problems.

    Alex Mounsey

    Senior Quality Engineer

    As Senior Quality Engineer, Alex Mounsey brings a level of experience and excellence to the D&M Leadership Team only found in Six Sigma specialists like him. Mounsey’s engineering and management experience coupled with his focus on continuous improvement, policy and procedures, mean quality solutions for every customer, and every part produced.

    Pam Fisher

    Manufacturing Manager

    As Manufacturing Manager, Pam brings her decades of experience as a molding process specialist to the D&M Leadership Team. Fisher is responsible for, and oversees, all aspects of the production floor while mentoring and managing day to day operations for each shift, and is a manufacturing leader with 5-Sigma Lean and robotics training.