Have consistency and reliability been trouble spots in producing the parts you need? Have geometrically complex components been especially challenging?

Injection molding plays a significant role in the manufacturing of parts and products for the automotive industry for several fundamental—and critical—reasons. It’s an ideal way, for example, to mass produce precision high-quality plastic automotive parts that are lighter and comparably durable to metal parts produced through conventional means. The process is also known to be highly consistent, reliable—and—with an experienced and skilled supplier—well suited to producing geometrically complex parts. The process itself is simple to describe:  Injecting molten plastic into custom molds to produce solid pieces in large volumes. But executing the process is far from simple.

We overcome the the automotive industry’s challenges in several ways. One is that our engineers and designers have the experience and expertise to assist in the design and manufacture of the molds. It’s the perfect way to prevent problems and, more importantly, to ensure meeting the highest standards of the industry. We also employ rigorous materials management and provide value-add services like insert molding, overmolding and in-mold labeling.