D&M Plastics LLC Team Charter

As leaders of D&M Plastics LLC, we declare ourselves a High-Performance Leadership Team, and our company a High Powered Professional Sales Organization and a racket-free environment.

We commit ourselves to the following Ground Breaking Principles:


(Source in the matter)

As a team and individually, we are responsible for the past, present and future of D&M Plastics. We are responsible for our speaking and our listening and are cause in the matter of the speaking and listening of our employees, customers, suppliers, industry and community.


(Generous listening –language is the currency of leadership)

As a team and individually, we give up the right not to listen to whatever others have to offer in all areas for which we have accountability. We have a sufficient number of conversations to ensure a quality result and
accept that, in all things for which we are accountable, we have the absolute last say.


(Leap of faith)

As a team and individually, we grant our unconditional trust to each other. We forgive ourselves and each other for the past. We commit to nurturing, building and maintaining our trust. When trust is broken, we restore it. We treasure the trust granted to us and we treasure the trust we grant to others.


(The essence of everything successful)

As an individual, a team and an enterprise, we act with integrity at all times in everything we say and do. We honor our word. We insure that everything we do is whole and complete. We do what is expected of us.

We commit to our Strategic Way of Being:

Partners in Innovation
Socios en la Innovación
Partneri u Inovacijama

We commit to our Remarkable Customer Value:

The best money you’ll spend for sustained quality, on-time delivery, and unique solutions, from prototyping to high volume.

D&M has them all.

We declare our Supplier Partner Contribution:

As stewards of our investment, you fulfill your commitments, deliver innovative solutions and demonstrate transparency, quality, and accountability with our customers’ best interests always in mind.

We are wildly successful partners.

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