Value-Added Services

D&M Plastics provides a wide range of value-added services that has established our reputation as a single-source provider for our customers. Our insight regarding automation with respect to lowering production cost, increasing repeatability and improving quality positions us at the forefront of injection molding. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us significant capabilities beyond injection molding. These include:

•An in-house tool shop that supports maintenance and repair needs for the molds
•An on-site cleanroom capable of supporting food and beverage, medical, or pharmaceutical projects
•Full assembly services to finalize projects after injection molding
•Finishing services including pad printing, in-mold decorating, and labeling


  • Insert Molding

    At D&M Plastics, we have a great deal of experience in designing and manufacturing insert-molded parts for a broad range of industries and applications.

    We excel at the fabrication of insert mold parts that feature complex designs that utilize highly engineered resins. We create highly intricate assemblies of insert-molded parts through the use of automated injection molding processes and specialized molds. We insert mold a variety of components for use in industries that include:
    • Medical
    • Electronics
    • Automotive
    • Defense
    • Aerospace

    Our insert molding process equipment complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 standards which in turn allows us to offer the lowest error rate in the industry, with an average of only 17 defects per every million parts we produce.

    We can also incorporate a wide variety of elements into the final assembly, such as:

    • Bushing
    • Clips
    • Contacts
    • Electrical leads
    • Threaded fasteners
    • Rubber and nylon inserts

    D&M Plastics engineers work closely with our customers to ensure that all insert-molded parts are designed with superior functionality and manufacturability. We use presses ranging from 38 to 310 tons and molds ranging from 1 to 96 cavities based on design and lead-time requirements in order to manufacture millions of parts per week. We also use advanced techniques such as:

    • A vertical rotary press, which can create advanced components within extremely tight tolerances from difficult materials such as advanced engineering liquid crystal polymers, resin-filled glass fibers, and calcium carbonate

    • Continuous strip reel-to-reel molding, wherein a carrier strip of inserts is indexed through the injection molding machine and the molded parts are fed onto a take-up reel

  • Overmolding

    D&M Plastics also offers overmolding services in which complex parts are produced from two or more separate polymers by molding one over the other within the same molding cycle. This process has a wide variety of uses, such as

    • Molding a softer layer over a hard plastic handheld tool or part to improve grip
    • Creating parts with multiple colors
    • Electrical insulation
    • Sound dampening
    • Sealing

    We can mold parts with any level of complexity and any size via our 30 injection molding presses. Other capabilities include:

    • Specializing in the use of highly engineered resins
    • Ability to achieve tolerances as low as ±0.001”
    • Ability to produce parts with Class A surfaces
    • In-mold labeling

    As an industry leader and authority on plastics, we use our multi-shot injection molding process to create strong and reliable bonds between the substrate and outer layer, and our tooling is specifically designed to provide maximum adhesion.

    We perform strict quality verification on every part we fabricate. We also possess an in-house ISO Class cleanroom, which we use to produce sensitive electronic components and medical device parts.

End-to-End Solutions with D&M Plastics

D&M Plastics has been an industry-leader providing custom injection molding for almost 50 years. We’re well respected in the industry for our ability to provide large volumes of complex parts.

For more information about our injection molding capabilities or other value-added services, please contact us.

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