D&M Plastics was tasked with creating a relay housing for OMRON Global, a manufacturer of equipment, components, and electronic devices. The project looked to be incredibly complex. What sounded simple on the surface actually involved a wealth of various capabilities and an extreme attention to detail—fortunately, D&M was up to the challenge.

The professionals at OMRON knew that if anybody could take on the challenge, it would be D&M Plastics. We’ve been proudly serving our community and putting in the work it takes to successfully manufacture a wide range of products since 1972. We are well known for our ability to complete projects that involve difficult parts and complex challenges. For over 47 years, our name has signified quality work that stands above the rest and gets to you in record time.

Creating a Solution

The original relay housings had failed under extremely cold temperature conditions, and OMRON’s client had deemed that failure unacceptable. OMRON facilitated development of a special liquid crystal polymer (LCP) that could tolerate the necessary temperatures—but this LCP had a very small processing window, which made it extremely difficult to mold. An overseas contract supplier had attempted to mold relay housings with the new specially engineered LCP but couldn’t get the defect rate below 8%.

As a result, OMRON turned to D&M Plastics to carry out the entire manufacturing process for the relay housings from start to finish. Though the LCP manufacturer had claimed it would be impossible to mold the housings in a tool with more than eight cavities, we designed and built a 16-cavity tool in order to achieve OMRON’s higher annual part volumes and lower overall cost goals.

Seeing Results

OMRON was thrilled with the results of the project. Thanks to our skilled engineers, the job was completed on time and all of our parts passed inspection with flying colors. OMRON reported only 10 defects in the 100 million parts we have produced for them. We took on this challenge and produced higher quality parts at higher yields while offering significant cost savings.

This case demonstrates our ability to take on complex challenges that other manufacturers cannot handle. Our expert staff will be happy to speak with you about your individual needs and come up with unique solutions to suit your project. Regardless of industry or application, we’re passionate about helping you see the projects you care about through to the end. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve your industry.

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