D&M Plastics, an industry leader in custom injection molding for over 40 years, is pleased to welcome Martin “Marti” Tremonti as Chief Operating Officer. Tremonti brings nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing operations, both nationally and internationally.

Marti is an excellent addition to the D&M team, and has a proven track record of success in building strong teams and efficient processes that impact business growth while utilizing lean initiatives that drive key metrics. It’s a great fit.

Tremonti comes to D&M with a wealth of experience in manufacturing and operations. He is a 26-year veteran in automotive manufacturing operations, with 17 years at Magna International, where he helped to establish an international facility which launched a new program that integrated into an existing production line, while upgrading and improving systems and operations. Tremonti holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University.

“D&M has obviously been doing great things for its automotive, medical, electronics and defense customers, with 40 years of success,” said Tremonti. “I’m looking forward to continuing our operational excellence — building strong teams and efficient processes for continuous improvement.”

For more than 40 years D&M Plastics has provided our customers a comprehensive guarantee of quality, delivery, and price. D&M specializes in tight-tolerance precision parts for the medical and electronics industries, and in 1993 was the first U.S. full-service turnkey manufacturer awarded ISO-certification. In an industry where precision counts, D&M has high ranks, with an external defect rate of 17-PPM’s versus an average industry rate that is 10x higher. The D&M manufacturing team stands behind our customer goals and outcomes, and has more than 275 combined years of injection molding experience. D&M is a privately held company, located in Burlington, Illinois just outside of Chicago.

We’re proud to welcome Marti to the D&M team!