To us, molding the 21st Century is a responsibility we take very seriously. Not only are we molding parts that will go into future technology in a variety of life-changing industries, but we’re also helping to shape young minds as we help the next generation learn about the importance of manufacturing.

It’s why we’ve made a commitment to participating in Manufacturing Day each year, and it’s an even bigger part of the reason we invite students into our plant or go out to meet students where they are in the community as well.

Helping kids learn more about manufacturing is good for everyone.  When we bring manufacturing into the classroom, kids learn how integral it is to their everyday lives, and it opens their minds to new ideas. They start to think about all of the millions of parts that compose the world around them.

When we bring these big ideas out into the classrooms of America, or when students come to us, we can inspire the next generation of manufacturers.  They begin to truly understand why manufacturing is so important to all of us, and that the industry that built America is still going strong.

Take three minutes to watch these two videos. One is a visit to our plant by a class from Larkin School’s Secondary Transition Education Program (STEP), and the other is Streamwood Middle School’s AVID program.  Both groups of students inspired us with their enthusiasm.

Providing opportunities for everyone to learn and sharing new ideas is always a good thing.  At D&M, we want to be a part of that.

Thanks for reading, and for taking a minute to watch.