At D&M, we take safety very seriously.  In fact, it’s something we have been focused on since I bought the company roughly seven years ago.

For us, the safety of our people is absolutely the most important thing. That’s probably why on January 31, 2020, D&M celebrated 1,460 accident-free days. That’s a total of four years of manufacturing days without a lost time injury.  Among our many accomplishments, that may be the one for which we are most proud.

Part of our dedication to safety stems from our relentless focus on quality and our belief that safety and quality are inextricably linked. That link supports the fact that our external defect rate is 17 parts per million, while the average for injection molding companies our size is 1,038ppm.  Big difference.

manufacturing safety meeting

Our commitment to safety means that at every team huddle before every shift, each of our employees is encouraged to bring up any safety concerns they have– even if it has already been reported to a supervisor. Encouraging a dialog around safety, while keeping communications open and earnest helps eliminate issues before an accident or injury occurs. Everyone understands that safety is every team member’s responsibility.

To us, it’s just good business to care about safety – your personal safety and the safety of those around you. That translates to healthier, happier and more productive team members, who feel valued and respected as human beings. It just makes logical sense that if your employees feel they are valued, they care more about the work that they are doing. But that connection is more than just a hunch, with academic research also supporting the notion that the most important ingredients for both successful quality management and safety management programs are the commitment of management and the involvement of employees.

We care about our employees, they care about the work they are doing, and in the end, it positively impacts our bottom line in a way that also creates value for our customers. Win-win for everyone, really.  That’s why at D&M we play it safe. Everybody. Every shift. Every day.