Hardwired for success.

Exotic materials that are challenging to mold, tight tolerances – under 0.002 inches – that’s the sweet spot for electronics, and it’s also where D&M thrives. Complex geometries, ultra-thin walls, over-molding, hand-assembly, hard to fill parts — you’re speaking our language.

The D&M manufacturing team stands behind our customer goals and outcomes, and has more than 300 combined years of injection molding experience. We pride ourselves on developing the most innovative solutions to our customers’ electronic manufacturing challenges.

In fact, numerous multi-national mega-corporations with significant capital dedicated to molding in-house, constantly outsource parts to D&M that they deem “too complex” to manufacture themselves.

We excel at running the difficult projects, the parts that others don’t want to do. With high precision, high cavitation, engineered resins and more, we’re not just thinking about molding plastic parts, we’re working with our customers to mold technology into those parts.

– Marti Tremonti, Chief Operating Officer

At D&M we live our guiding principles every day. We believe that accountability, responsibility, trust and integrity matter. So, while most molders think about making parts faster, better, cheaper — we do that better than most — especially when it comes to electronics.

If your next electronic manufacturing job demands the cleanest, highest quality procedure, production, documentation and assembly standards, D&M is ready to deliver.

Let D&M help you with your next project.

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